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Founder | CEO | Tattoo Artist


My name is Letitia Mendes, also known as Letty. A Non-Binary Queer Artist, born and brought up in the suburban streets of Bandra West, Mumbai. A Tattoo Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Model and a passion for business. Art has always been my way of life, my journey started as a child who fell in love with the possibilities of creating something out of nothing on a blank canvas. From creating school posters and winning art competitions in school to customizing shoes at St.Andrews Bandra Junior College.


I started my career as a graphic designer with a diploma in design from FX school and later was chosen to be a part of MODUAL from the University of Arts London and the British Council. After getting my first tattoo, I fell in love with the permanence of artwork and did my apprenticeship at BodyCanvas tattoo studio in Bandra.

Letitia Mendes
Letitia Mendes

Having conceptualized and inked a multitude of permanent stories on people, I have honed my skills in bringing personal narratives to life through Tattoo art. Tattooing is not just a profession for me; it's a way to connect with individuals and help them express their stories and true selves.


My favorite quote is “ You are your only Limit”.

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