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Tattoo Aftercare

Things needed to heal your tattoo

- Tattoo Butter / Moisturizer

- Tissues

- Mild soap

After care

Things to avoid for 2 weeks

- The swimming pool and beach water 

- Tight clothing on the tattoo area

- Direct sunlight on the tattoo

- Slik or satin clothing

- Regular soap on your tattoo

- Rigorous workout

- Other people touching your tattoo



First off, gently take off the wrap using water. Then, clean off the slimy stuff (that's plasma) really well. Make some foam with mild soap – something like Dettol PH balance handwash works great. Rub the foam gently in circles over your tattoo, then rinse it off with water. Let your tattoo air dry for about 10-15 minutes, then give it a little pat dry with a tissue. Finally, smooth on a thin layer of tattoo butter to keep it moisturized and looking fresh. Easy peasy, right?"


WEEK 1 (Initial 4 days post removal of the wrap)

Keep your tattoo looking top-notch by sticking to this easy routine. Every night for the next three days, follow the cleaning steps from stage 1. And don't forget to keep it moisturized – apply a thin layer of tattoo butter four times a day, or whenever it starts feeling dry. Remember, tissues are your best bet for cleaning, and always keep that ink moisturized for the best results!


WEEK 2 (Scabbing stage)

Give your tattoo a breather during this period – no need for the regular cleaning routine. Instead, focus on keeping it extra moisturized by applying more tattoo butter than usual, especially since it might get a bit dry. Remember, resist the urge to pick at any scabs or scratch your tattoo, even though it might be tempting. Just let it heal naturally, and your ink will thank you later



You're in the home stretch of tattoo healing! Keep up the good work by continuing to apply tattoo butter for one more week after the scabs have fallen off. This extra TLC will ensure your tattoo stays moisturized and looking its best as it completes the healing process. You're almost there – just a little more love and care, and your ink will be ready to show off to the world!

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