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Our Studio

Experience Pulsatink Tattoo Studio in the heart of Juhu, Mumbai, India.  Located near the iconic Prithvi Theatre. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression at our studio, where creativity meets precision to bring your unique vision to life. Join us for an unparalleled tattoo experience, right in this vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood.

Led by the vision of Letitia Mendes, a multidisciplinary artist and a revered name in the tattoo and design space


Custom Tattoo

We work in collaboration with you to create a design that's exclusively yours.

Scar Coverup

A scar-covering tattoo doesn't only hide the scar but brings back the confidence a person has lost through an experience

Flash Tattoo

Explore a world of ready-to-wear art with our flash tattoo designs.


Adorn your skin with cool piercings

Old Tattoo Coverup

Transform your old tattoo into a unique masterpiece

After Care

We provide an aftercare that helps your tattoo heal the best way and also to take care of your existing tattoos for long term vibrancy.

We Are Pulsatink

Creating a safe space for both artists and clients to express their individuality in collaboration to create unique, crazy, cool looking permanent masterpieces!

PulsatInk represents the dynamic, vibrant, and ever-changing nature of life. It signifies the rhythmic beats that pulse through our veins, symbolizing the essence of existence itself.


We believe that life is a constant flow of energy and emotions, and we aim to capture these pulsating moments through our tattoos.

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